Why you should gift fresh flowers to your loved ones (and yourself too)

Welcome to our very first blog post for all things flowers and spoils. We know how important it is to you, to stay in touch with your loved ones and what better way to show that love and care than by sending a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers to your loved ones in South Africa.

Did you know that flowers are scientifically proven to have a positive impact on our mental health?

With so many stresses in everyday life and the challenges of mental illness and the covid 19 pandemic impacting so many people, having more flowers in your life could have a positive impact on your mental health. Here are some of the reasons why…


  1. Flowers make the receiver happy long after the moment’s passed. We don’t really think past that moment where we gift someone flowers and see a huge smile. But the impact of flowers goes much further than this moment and in fact, flowers have a long term positive impact on mood.


  1. Flowers make the giver happy too, So you can get your dose of happiness by spoiling those around you.


  1. Being around flowers helps to promote long term happiness. A study showed that when frequently exposed to flowers, people reported lower levels of depression and anxiety and lower stress levels, with higher enjoyment levels and a stronger sense of life satisfaction. That is pretty amazing. With our busy lives, office jobs and urban living arrangements, most people wouldn’t have as much contact with nature as they’d like. It’s great to think that by having flowers in the home or at your desk, you can bring a little bit of nature to your world and help to promote positive emotions. Research suggests that the best place to put flowers is either in the kitchen or bathroom, high traffic areas where the most people can enjoy them. Also, flowers in the bedroom so you can see them when you first open your eyes in the morning helps to have a positive start to the day.


  1. Flowers and plants in the office make you have more ideas.Evidence shows that working around flowers and plants can make you more productive. An American study found that men and women had more good ideas, innovative thinking and better problem solving abilities when they were in an environment with fresh flowers and plants. UK Corporate Florist Jungleworld found that men (and we will assume women too) were able to generate 30% more ideas in an office with flowers as opposed to an office that was sparse and dull. With so many people spending long hours at work, the only exposure to nature and greenery someone may get in a day is office plants. Green spaces are known to reduce the levels of stress in an environment and help people to feel secure and relaxed.


  1. Fresh Flowers promote connection between people. Even across continents and oceans we are able to connect you to someone in South Africa by a special delivery of flower, gifts and cakes.


  1. Flowers have a positive impact when people are sick. In recent years with covid 19, we have only seen the benefits of fresh flowers uplifting spirits and promoting healing. These benefits are just a few (besides the aesthetic charm and social media pictures) you can generate from ordering a fresh flower bouquet. Lets not forget self care can include a bouquet for you to enjoy too!

Fresh bouquet wrapped in Petals tissue paper and covered with a tweed wrap, arranged by Petals Gourmet Flowers. Cream roses resting in a clear perspex box made to order from Petals Gourmet Flowers. Diamond soft touch heart geode box filled with preserved blooms from Petals Gourmet Flowers.